Mastodon is great for defeating . Right Now I'm in a hotel room in mainland . Connected to the hotel wifi, and without any VPN, I'm still connected to the world. OTOH, Twitter / Facebook / Google are all blocked by the infamous great of China.

is supposed to be . With projects like we are one step closer to the idealistic Internet.

@ninja instance, as well as many other large instances are blocked in China.

@thinkMoult @ninja assuming a person can sign into their home instance, are they still able to view posts from all their usual follows?

Yes fediverse is accessible from any connected home instances. Home instances should be hosted on uncensored Internet.

@thinkMoult Hopefully it's not easy to block all instances. Instances don't automatically advertise themselves on WWW.

@ninja Sounds like the great firewall isn't so bad after all. Just a bit ahead in time ;)

@ninja as the Fediverse grows popular they might start to work on identifying instances and blocking them automatically.

For now though, the federated nature of the network really does make it easier to avoid :blobcat:

@ninja only as long as china doesn't switch their great firewall from being a blacklist to being a whitelist

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