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Hi all I'm Nude Ninja, operator of Nudie.Social instance.

Identify myself as a , , , , , dad, husban, geek

Avocate of lifestyle, social as wholesome and rewarding. Against body shaming, porn, sexualised modern culture - "Nude is not lewd!"

Believe monetised social networks are against their users. Support free (as in freedom) . Value personal data .Like web services. ?

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Hello World! I'm Nude Ninja aka @NakedChinese on Twitter. Avid naturist. Love social naturism and life modeling 😊

#Mozilla recrute un ingénieur logiciel pour #Thunderbird !
C'est un contrat en télé-travail d'une quarantaine d'heures par semaine sur 6 mois.

Connaissances en #javascript #css #html #c++ demandée !

Si vous avez les compétences, faites-vous plaisir !

Facebook is in fact, just as disgusting of a company as we thought

(NYT article on how Facebook has done gross shit over the past three years and dozens of scandals)

Today I cut very many of these. 3D Tyne Bridge.

Not to mention GDPR requests for consent, which frequently use dark UI patterns to make it obtusely difficult to opt out of tracking and advertising cookies.

Happy with being tracked? Sure, just click this "Accept" button.

Don't want to be tracked? Here, uncheck these 412 checkboxes by hand listing everywhere we might sell your data to.

... Seriously? Watch as I close this tab and never revisit your site.

Same goes for hiding content under "please don't ad-block" dialogs. Leave. Me. Alone.

A 100,000-router #botnet is feeding on a 5-year-old #UPnP bug in Broadcom chips. Affected up to 116 different models of router modems. Appears to be connecting to email service for #spam activities. #infosec #security #privacy

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Modern #2018: Hour-long discussions and meetings comparing and arguing about which model to get for the staff 🤣

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Understand my words with full knowledge and reverence for my connection to the void.

My data is not yours to own.

You came here and asked to sell us things, then tracked us with the things you sold us.

You came here and begged for trust, which many gave you, then betrayed it by selling our secrets.

Then you took away our nation.

My data is not yours to own.

Lots of alt-right signup on the fediverse.
Do report users, instances, etc.
We have the ban :war_hammer:

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